05 April 2006

Lecture on Pesah and Pascha

On Monday 3 April, Marcie Lenk, a doctoral student at Harvard, spoke at YCT on the early Passover Seder. She did so by looking at the alleged seder (the"last supper") which took place in the synoptic gospels and in John (composed in the late first century). She then pointed out the seder of the tenth chapter of Mishnah Pesahim. Of course, the se'udah idea came from Roman Symposia (festive meals), and similarly came the seder. She also showed us a couple of early Christian polemics (from the second and third centuries) against Jews regarding the naming of the holiday, as it was called Pascha in Greek, which was a transliteration from the Hebrew (pesah).


Blogger EineiHaEdah said...

Interesting Beis Medrash; it welcomes Cardinals and women speaking history. I always thought that Kedushas Beis HaMedrash had sometjhing to do with being designated for learning Torah (w/o a Cardinal for a chevrusa).
Are you fellows aware that even to have a bris in a beis medrash is a bedieved of sorts?

Thursday, April 06, 2006 10:22:00 AM  

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