06 March 2006

Third Gala Dinner

Last night, Yeshivat Chovevei Torah held its third annual gala dinner at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, honoring Hon. Dr. Dov Zakheim & Mrs. Deborah Bing Zakheim, Mr. Benjamin Belfer & Dr. Michelle Friedman, and the S. Daniel Abraham Semikha Fellows of 2006: Nissan Antine, Seth Braunstein, Yonatan Cohen, Zev Farber, Aryeh Leifert, Ari Leubitz, Jason Weiner. (The dinner journal can be found online.)
Before holding the dinner and presentations, a town hall meeting came together, with presentations from two recent graduates and two soon-to-be graduates, where they got to speak about the yeshiva in addition to answering questions (pictured to the right).
It was a pleasant evening with Dr. Ellie Kranzler providing some music, as well.
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