25 January 2006

Mikveh Construction Field Trip With YU

Yesterday morning (24 January), YCT headed over to the Upper West Side to see the pouring of concrete for the Upper West Side mikveh. The mikveh was started 35-40 years ago, but over time had come into such a condition that a new one was to be built. The new one will be on West 74th street between Broadway and West End. It will, when finished, have three mikve'ot for women, one for men, one for vessels, and one for brides.
We started out at Manhattan Day School, davening together (I hopped on a bus that left from in front of the YU beis midrash), with Jason Weiner leading up through ישתבח and Avi Robinson finishing up the davening. Following שחרית, Rabbi Simon spoke about the structures of מקוות. After which, the supervising rabbi of the mikveh, Rabbi Trieger (see pages 7 & 8 in this link for more on him), spoke further on mikve'ot.
Following the speeches, we had some breakfast and schmoozed some in the lobby of MDS.
Following breakfast, we went over to the mikveh construction site. It was impressive to see all that they were doing, even though if one didn't know what was specifically going on, one would not have thought it was anything beyond a construction project. Nonetheless, it was a neat opportunity to learn about mikve'ot.


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