30 January 2007

Rabbi Shaar Yashuv Cohen visits YCT

On 11 December 2007, Rabbi Shaar Yashuv Cohen, the Chief Rabbi of Haifa, came to visit Yeshivat Chovevei Torah. Starting out speaking on Hanukkah, he then turned to speaking about the issue of agunot.

Tzitz Eliezer Memorial Event

On 16 January 2007, Yeshivat Chovevei Torah hosted an event to memorialize Rabbi Eliezer Waldenberg, who had recently passed away. Also known as the Tzitz Eliezer, for his multi-volume work of the same title, he was noted for his responsa on medical issues. The event, moderated by Rabbi Jeff Fox, Rabbi Saul Berman spoke on "The Debate Between Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l and Rav Waldenberg zt”l on Abortion" and Rabbi Howard Jachter spoke on "An Independent Posek: The Tzitz Eliezer and Issues in the Life of the State of Israel".

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29 January 2007

Meorot Journal Takes Place of Edah Journal

Replacing the Edah Journal is the new Meorot Journal. The new journal will be coming out twice a year, the next issue coming out in the summer. The new journal
particularly welcomes halakhic, philosophic, and literary studies relating to qedushah in modern experience, the religious significance of the State of Israel, Jewish ethics, emerging Torah conceptions of and opportunities for women, Talmud Torah as an intellectual and spiritual discipline, pluralism, and Judaism’s relation to gentiles and contemporary culture.