21 August 2006

Volume Two of Milin Havivin Published & Online

Yeshivat Chovevei Torah has now published its second issue of Milin Havivin, "A Student Journal Devoted to Torah, Society and the Rabbinate" (the first issue's English section may be viewed here and its Hebrew section here).
Articles in the English section:
  • Rabbi Dov Linzer -"Rabban Yohanan ben Zakkai and Zekher le-Mikdash"- pp. 1-14

  • Rabbi Avraham Weiss -"Bringing Spirituality into the Synagogue"- pp. 15-24

  • Rabbi Mosheh Lichtenstein -"Weep for what Amalek has Done unto You – Lamentation and Memory of the Holocaust in Our Generation"- pp. 25-41

  • Michelle Friedman, MD -"There is No Forgetting in Torah, or in the Unconscious"- pp. 42-45

  • Steven Exler -"Teki’ot Transforming Texts: Elul Shofar Blasts in Medieval Minhag"- pp. 46-82

  • Drew Kaplan -"Rabbinic Sleep Ethics: Jewish Sleep Conduct in Late Antiquity"- pp. 83-93

  • David Kasher -"Defending Derash: The Gur Aryeh’s Approach to Hermeneutics"- pp. 94-104

  • Michael Katzman -"Maimonides’ Rejection of Astrology"- pp. 105-120

  • Rabbi Aryeh Leifert -"The Role of Messianism in the Development of Hasidism"- pp. 121-127

  • Rabbi Nachman Levine -"Lemekh’s Song: Narrative Context and the Poetry of Violence"- pp. 128-142

  • Mike Schultz -"Faith-Based Community Organizing: A New Concept for Orthodox Synagogues"- pp. 143-151

  • Ari Weiss -"On the Commandment to Believe in God"- pp. 152-161

  • Rabbi Avi Finegold -"An Exploration of Relationships in The Lonely Man of Faith"- pp. 162-166

  • Rabbi Yaakov Simon -"Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik as Parshan"- pp. 167-170

  • Rabbi Hayyim Angel -"Seeking Prophecy in Historical Narratives: Ahaz and Hizkiyah in Kings and Chronicles"- pp. 171-184

  • Michelle Friedman, MD -"On Intimacy, Love, Kedushah and Sexuality"- pp. 185-188

  • William Friedman -"A Response to Debby Koren"- pp. 189-194

Articles in the Hebrew section (for some reason, the pages are slightly out of order, but with a little reading, one may get the 'order' to it):
  • Dr. Debby Koren - "'Everyone is an Expert in Hallel': On William Friedman’s 'Women as Shelihot Tzibur for Hallel on Rosh Hodesh'" - pp. 3-10

  • Rabbi Jonathan Duker - "Censoring the Torah: Talmudic Approaches to 'Reading without Translating'” - pp. 11-14

  • Dr. Yael Levine - "An Essay on the Position on Women in Judaism by Rabbi Hayyim (Vittorio) Castiglioni" - pp. 15-24

  • Dr. Marc Shapiro - "The Potential for Using the Concept of Pilegesh to Tackle the Agunah Issue: A Look at the Previous Generation" - pp. 25-33 (this article was written before Prof. Zohar's article in Akdamot came out this year, so Prof. Shapiro was neither jumping on the bandwagon, nor was he offering a response to Prof. Zohar)

If you would like to request a copy, you may e-mail for one.
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