19 March 2008

Yom Iyyun with Drisha & HC Rabbinical School

On Wednesday 5 December 2007, Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School hosted the Drisha Institute & the Rabbinical School of Hebrew College in participating in a yom iyyun on the topic of Prayer and Religious Leadership.
The day began with Rabbi Arthur Green explaining a little about Hanukkah. Then Rabbi David Silber, Rabbi Dov Linzer, and Rabbi Avi Weiss offering introductory remarks. Rabbi Linzer then opened up the first learning session on "Why Do We Pray?" with some remarks. Then, a panel discussion on "The Prayer Life of the Religious Leader" with Rabbi Green, Rabbi Silber, and Rabbi Weiss, moderated by Dr. Michelle Friedman.
During lunch, Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld led a conversation on "Envisioning My Future as a Jewish Leader."
Prior to minhah, Avi Rosenfeld led a preparation session for prayer, followed by
minhah in separate locations.
minhah, there was another discussion, this time on the topic of "Keva and Kavannah: Tradition and Innovation in Tefillah," introduced by Devorah Zlochower.
Then, Chasya Uriel Steinbauer and Margie Klein led prayers for Darfur.
Prior to ma'ariv, Rabbi Ethan Tucker led a preparation for prayer, followed by prayer.
Rabbi Or Rose then led a kavvanah before the candle lighting of the menorah, after which followed singing.
Then, there was dinner and Rabbi Ysoscher Katz gave a devar Torah.

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