30 November 2005

Social Action not bad

So you know how the point of life is to develop a caring, thoughtful personality and to do the absolute most you personally can to better the life of the world around you? Right, I know, and R' Roly Matalon from BJ and their partner social worker, Susan Kalev, told us about all the things they can do for their members and regulars, from tons of help for the elderly, even just connecting them to free cultural and educational stuff going on in the city, to housing and job help. The shuls used to be seated by profession, so you could come to shul and get a job, although if you came to YCT davening looking to get hired as a rabbinical student, actually that probably would work. Anyway, by having a social worker work with the shul, and come in to the shul, you can provide a much higher level of services to your members, even those who would be embarrassed to go directly to a social service provider, and there's a lot to that model that could be adapted to shuls that are smaller than BJ.

Once again let's give a shout out to R' Linzer for how tremendously supportive he's been of creating a social justice curriculum as part of the YCT program, we're so lucky to have him on board.


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